Measures in Aragon after the end of the alarm state

Publication: Friday, May 7, 2021 1:06 PM

The community of Aragon is preparing measures this Friday to deal with the state of alarm. In this sense, the regional executive has already advanced that, if it must lift the curfew and the state of alert, it will maintain the closures of perimeters in the municipalities and regions most affected by the coronavirus.

An order is also established by which there will be different measures depending on the epidemiological situation. Thus, areas that are at level 3 will have some flexibility, especially in the hospitality sector. Next, we go over the rules:

– Curfew: due to the end of the state of alarm, the curfew is lifted in the region, which is why the population can move around the region.

– Perimeter closures. In this case, the closure of the regional perimeter is lifted, but not the provincial one, so that some municipalities and regions already confined, such as Calatayud and Jaca, will continue to be.

– Social gatherings: in level 3 zones, a maximum of six people will be allowed, and four in those with an aggravated level. However, for these decisions you will need the protection of the Superior Court of Justice or, failing that, the Supreme Court, as this is one of the measures which depend on the decree of the state of alarm.

– Hospitality: the interior capacity is maintained at 30 percent, but, in addition, a maximum limitation of 30 people is established inside, always at tables with a maximum of four people. For this, the Aragonese government relied on Law 3/2020 to limit capacity and hours.

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