Measures in Cantabria after the end of the alarm state

Publication: Friday, May 7, 2021 09:40

The Cantabrian government has announced that on May 11 it will publish a resolution that will include the control of the evolution of the pandemic by the municipalities, always with measures that allow not to have to reach the perimeter of closure of the localities, although this is not excluded. because the objective is to guarantee health.

In this sense, next Sunday, May 9, the state of alert declines, so that, unless it is requested to the Superior Court of Justice of the region, measures such as the curfew, perimeter closures or peaks in session. Here are the measurements:

– Curfew: the Cantabrian government does not plan to extend the curfew, so that next Sunday free night mobility will be allowed in autonomy. Even so, with the new model in which the Regional Executive works, there will be municipalities in which there will be no restrictions and others in which there will be.

– Perimeter closures: at the end of the alarm state, the perimeter closures are lifted. However, there may be municipalities which, if justice supports it, can maintain the closures.

– Social meetings: once again, it will depend on the municipality, so we still do not know which ones will be unlimited and which will have maximums.

– Capacity: the hotel industry can reopen the interior of its premises in the municipalities as the epidemiological situation allows, but with capacity limits which will be around 33%. Likewise, the general closure of the interior of this sector was extended by at least 14 additional days, despite the state of alarm.

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