Measures in Extremadura after the end of the alarm state

Updated: Friday, May 7, 2021 1:25 PM

Published on: 05/07/2021 13:24

Next Sunday, May 9, the state of alert will end throughout Spain. Given the government’s refusal to request a further extension, the Autonomous Communities will be responsible for applying the measures they deem necessary to stop the expansion of COVID-19.

For the moment, the Council of Extremadura has determined that the closure of the perimeter will end this Friday and the curfew, with the end of the state of alarm. Any citizen will be able to enter and leave this region without having to present any justification in this regard as of today. In addition, mobility will be allowed at any time of the day and night from Sunday.

As for other restrictions and measures, restaurants and hotels may open until midnight. At the moment, in bars and restaurants, tables must have a maximum of four customers inside and six on the terraces.

With regard to capacity, all premises which do not carry out a non-essential activity must be at 75% occupancy. Likewise, in closed places of worship, in funeral ceremonies, weddings, communions and baptisms, the capacity must be 50%.

For activities considered low risk, such as parks and recreation areas, with community at risk 1 can be 100%, and there will be no restriction on individual physical activity outdoors, while in the case of parties and outdoor festivals, 75% is established, although it will be valued with the sector.

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