Measures in the Basque Country after the end of the state of alarm

Publication: Friday, May 7, 2021 7:33 PM

The Basque government has detailed the scenario that the Basque Country will experience after the end of the state of alarm. The decision of the region’s Superior Court of Justice to ban the maintenance of the curfew and the closure of the perimeter conditioned the plan of measures, with recommendations and checks on capacity and schedules.

Thus, as of Sunday, there will be no curfew or perimeter closure. Of course, it is recommended to “limit yourself” the mobility between 11:00 pm and 6:00 am. The limit on meetings is also overturned, except in hospitality and sports, also recommending that meetings not exceed four people.

Hospitality, establishments and cultural, social and commercial activities will have a maximum duration until 22:00. Selling capacity will be 40% in establishments larger than 150 square meters and 60% in those with less.

Here is a schematic overview of the health measures to stop the coronavirus pandemic in the Basque Country:

– Curfew: with the end of the state of alert, this restriction on the freedom of movement of citizens is abolished.

– Perimeter closures: same case as the curfew, the closure of the autonomous community being completely abolished. There will also be no perimeter closures by the municipalities.

– Hospitality: with a limit of opening hours until 10 p.m., consumption at the bar or standing is prohibited, allowing a maximum of four people at each table. The mask will be mandatory at all times except when it is consumed.

– Meetings: the limitation in groups of people is suspended at the end of the alarm state. As a recommendation, you are encouraged to avoid meetings of more than four people.

– Capacity: establishments of more than 150 square meters may have their capacity limited to 40% maximum. Those of less than 150 square meters can have up to 60%. In the markets, there may be 50% of authorized stalls.

– Sports: a capacity of 50% will be authorized in sports facilities and 35% in their changing rooms. There will still be no spectators at sporting events. As far as sports are concerned, groups of up to six people will be allowed, whether outdoors or indoors. The use of the mask will be compulsory except in “exceptional” moments of intense physical activity outdoors or in competition.

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