meena harris hindu: Meena Harris tells Troll that she is also a Hindu who called her Hinduphobe: Meena Harris answers the trolls

What Meena Harris, the niece of US Vice President Kamala Harris, supported the Indian peasant movement, Internet attacks, as the name of the closure. However, Meena made it clear that she was not going to bow down. Meena gave an appropriate response when someone described her as “Hinduophobic”.

‘I am Hindu’
In fact, Sankrant Sahu had tweeted: “Thank you for expressing your Hinduphobia … You hate Hindus because they resist”. Meena wrote about it: “I am a Hindu. Stop using religion to hide fascism. After that he tweeted again: ‘Now you drag me around to eat meat and write Jesus on a message. Now you worry.

Meena on the target of frequent trolls
Earlier on Friday, Meena wrote on Twitter: “I will not be afraid and not be silent.” In fact, he had tweeted earlier: “It is no coincidence that the world’s oldest democracy was attacked a month ago and the world’s largest democracy is under attack. He is linked. We should all be angry about the Internet shutdown in India and the violence of paramilitary forces against farmers.

He was then targeted by right-wing trolls. Meena’s response to the trollers is getting even more viral. Meena also shared a photo in which members of the United Hindu Front burn her poster. He wrote: “I spoke for the human rights of Indian farmers and saw the reaction”.

Meena Harris: Supporting the peasant movement, Kamla Harris’ niece trolled, she fired back – “ I will not be afraid, nor will I be silent ”
Question about the disappearance of Nodeep Kaur
Harris, who advocates for social justice, also launched the “ Women’s Phenomenal Action Campaign ” in 2016. He also blamed the disappearance of young activist Nodeep Kaur. Meena tweeted: ‘It looks weird when you see your photo burnt at the hands of a fanatic mob, but imagine what they would have done if we had stayed in India. I’m saying that 23-year-old Nodeep Kaur, who fights for workers’ rights, was arrested and tortured in custody, sexually harassed. He was held for 20 days without bail.

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