Meet the professionals at Delta and their role in business transformation


Meet the professionals at Delta and their role in business transformation

BY RRHHDigital, 05:00 – 15 December 2020

Businesses face a necessary transformation that will not only shape their future, but also begin to condition their present. Mara Jess Gonzlez-Espejo, Founder of the Institute of Legal Innovation and Academic Director of WENEX by ADAMS LegalTech Course, identifies the changes that companies need to make to have opportunities in an environment like the current one:

You will rethink your business, adapting your products and services to a new type of consumer (prosumer), more active in the purchasing process and who not only consumes a product, but also produces content. Rethink and improve processes to better meet the needs of your customers. Automation of processes through digital transformation. And, ultimately, improve your overall management: marketing, finance, knowledge management, etc.

To meet these challenges, Gonzlez-Espejo believes that professionals must go further in their profiles and that, in addition to having technical training related to their specialty, they must have a digital mentality, that is to say no only have digital skills, but rather have the ability to identify the opportunities offered by digitization and create value in their businesses.

According to him, the professionals of the future most in demand by companies will be those who, in addition to having digital and technical knowledge, have developed personal skills such as a collaborative attitude, a commitment, a global vision, empathy, curiosity or a humanistic approach. Based on the Delta model, the founder of the Legal Innovation Institute identifies the three categories of skills that every professional should have:

Technological skills: office automation, virtual communities, social networks and technological law (data protection, intellectual property, cybersecurity). Personal effectiveness skills or softkills: empathy, curiosity, change management, creativity, holistic vision, courage and ability to work in a team. Business and project management skills: methodologies, finance, marketing, communication and business development, knowledge management, team management.

If you want to learn more about Delta’s competencies in the digital transformation of organizations (Practice, Process, People), don’t miss this webinar by Mara Jess Gonzlez del Espejo:

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