Meeting of Sánchez and Iglesias in Moncloa to start the year

Updated: Tuesday, January 5, 2021 1:24 PM

Published on: 01.05.2021 13:11

Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias grease the coalition for 2021. The government president and the second vice president met at the Moncloa Palace in the last hours to discuss executive projects that are currently on the table.

United We Can sources have confirmed the meeting with LaSexta, which they describe as “routine”, as the leaders meet every week to verify the status of the coalition “in the normal course of the operation of the cartel”. From Moncloa, they point out that the president regularly meets other members of the government and that meetings like this are part of his work program.

However, the first meeting of the year comes in the midst of a political earthquake with the return of the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, to Catalan politics and in the midst of the vaccination campaign, slower than expected.

The meeting, put forward by “ La Información ”, is the first for several weeks: in December the “ mornings ” (informal meetings of the teams of the presidency and the second vice-presidency, including members of the PSOE and of the UP, to discuss the most relevant issues of the coalition) and the coalition was not coordinated. Added to this are the bitter controversies due to the ban on evictions and reductions in supply or the open debate within the government on the increase in the inter-professional minimum wage (SMI).

According to journalist Gabriel Sanz, the possible reform of the pension system studied by the Ministry of Inclusion and Social Security was also on the table. “Pension reform may be an issue that leads him to overthrow the government, badly despite the president of the government and Pablo Iglesias, because it is a crucial issue on his agenda,” Sanz said.

According to “La Información”, the labor reform, parked this year due to the pandemic situation, and the housing law which will be presented by the Ministry of Transport and which should address a regularization of the rental market were also on the table. table.

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