Mega comet in the solar system: Mega comet in the solar system

Astronomers have seen something strange on the edge of the solar system. It is a “large comet” heading towards Earth. What it is, it is still under investigation as it was discovered recently. It was discovered using data from the Dark Energy Survey between 2014 and 2018. This massive object was named 2014 UN271.

Millions of years to complete a round
So far it is considered to be 100 to 370 km long in the assessment. His specialty is also his class. According to the analysis, this object approaches the earth and then comes into the Oort cloud. This is the region where gas and dust are produced that revolve around the solar system. It takes 6.12 lakh years, not a few days, to complete a revolution in its orbit.

At present, it is at a distance of 22 astronomical units from the Sun. This is 22 times the distance from the Sun to the Earth. However, for the past seven years it has come the distance of one AU each year.

What are comets?
Comets also revolve around the sun like asteroids, but they are not rocky but made up of dust and ice. When these comets head for the sun, their ice and dust turn into vapor, which looks like a tail to us. The peculiarity is that the comet visible from the earth is in fact very far from us.

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Comet (symbolic photo)

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