Meghan bullying investigation: plans to hand over investigation of charges against megan to Buckingham Palace law firm: Buckingham Palace to ask law firm to investigate Meghan bullying

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With a view to turning the investigation into Megan’s allegations over to an outside company, the British royal family, Megan, was accused of harassment by staff at Buckingham Palace in 2018. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Megan had made several serious allegations against the British royal. family.
The British royal family is preparing to increase the chances of Meghan Merkel, the wife of Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex. The Royal Palace of the British Royal Household is considering handing over the investigation into the allegations of harassment of Buckingham Palace Megan staff to outside investigators. There have been allegations that Megan threatened staff working here during her stay at the palace.

Megan’s problems will increase due to the investigation
Earlier this month, the palace confirmed the case will be investigated. Indeed, British media The Times published a leaked email from an employee alleging that former American actress Megan forced two personal assistants out of the palace and undermined the trust of a third employee.

Buckingham Palace confirmed
Now, as reported by The Sunday Times, it has been decided that the case will be referred to a (third party) law firm instead of an internal investigation for an impartial investigation. A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace said we are committed to investigating the circumstances surrounding the allegations of a former Megan employee and moving in that direction, but cannot comment publicly.

In 2018, the palace employee complained to Megan
In that report, citing sources from the royal palace, it was said that the actual bad events have yet to come to light. A scary story is about to unfold. The complaint against Megan dates back to October 2018, when one of her employees emailed a seasoned courtier. The email was sent to Human Resources (HR), but no further action was taken regarding the complaint.

The British Royal Family are in talks over Megan’s explosive interview
In an interview last week, Megan made a number of shocking claims that she was not receiving mental health support. He also expressed concern over an anonymous royal family member’s comment about his son Archie’s skin color. He gave this interview to famous TV presenter Oprah Winfrey.

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