meghan markle interview: queen’s reaction to Meghan Markle Oprah Winfrey interview: queen Elizabeth during Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Megan Markle

The royals and Buckingham Palace were struck by an interview with British Prince Harry and his wife Megan Markle. Not only did the two described the situation there as difficult, but they also gave vent to the color accusations with the pretense of “ Archie’s color discussion. ” According to the Times report, Buckingham Palace is preparing a statement on the matter. Mahal tries not to escalate the tension and emphasizes his love for Megan-Harry.

However, Queen Elizabeth has just decided to give it more thought and she is in no rush to come up with a response. The Telegraph reports that the Royal Staff watched Megan-Harry’s interview and prepared a briefing with the Royal Family. It was also decided that everything would be coordinated between the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William. The Queen herself also spoke with Prince Charles and Prince William.

There was a lot of heckling over Megan-Harry’s interview, now Winfrey has spoken – the British Queen made no racial remarks
Both praised the queen
During the interview, Megan and Harry made several revelations about their condition at the palace, but both said nothing but good things about the Queen. Megan tells Oprah that Queen Elizabeth’s demeanor was pretty good with him. On their first press tour, the Queen also shared the cover with Megan. Prince Harry also claimed to have a good relationship with his grandmother and said he respects her a lot. Harry also made it clear to Oprah that the Queen had not discussed Archie’s color.

Meghan Markle interview LIVE: Megan Markle tells Oprah Winfrey that the pain in the British royal house “ didn’t want to live anymore ”, recalls Prince Harry of his mother Diana
Megan targets UK media
Apartheid allegations about the royal royal household created a ruckus after the interview. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson refused to react to this. He says he has great respect for the Queen. However, the US White House praised Megan for speaking openly about her mental state. At the same time, Hillary Clinton accused the British media of cruelty to Megan.

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