meghan markle kate middleton: meghan markle interview with oprah winfrey on relationship with kate middleton and queen elizabeth: megan markle spoke about kate middleton and queen elizabeth

In an interview with celebrity TV host Oprah Winfrey, Megan Markle told many stories about her time at Buckingham Palace with the Royal Family. He described living in the royal family as Kovid-19’s ‘imprisoned’ and also took the British media in stride to concoct the ‘Hero-Villain’ story. Meanwhile, he also shared his story about Prince William’s wife, Kate Middleton, who was crying and praising Queen Elizabeth’s good behavior.

‘Imprisoned castle’
Megan tells Oprah that Queen Elizabeth’s demeanor was pretty good with him. On their first press tour, the Queen also shared the cover with Megan. However, it was kept in the castle as Megan compared to Kovid-19’s lockdown. He said that after the wedding, his license, credit card and passport were deposited and he started to feel imprisoned.

Meghan Markle interview LIVE: Megan Markle tells Oprah Winfrey that the pain in the British royal house “ didn’t want to live anymore ”, recalls Prince Harry of his mother Diana
The truth of making Kate cry
Megan also denied her information in British newspapers claiming that she made Prince William’s wife Kate cry on the occasion of their wedding. He said Kate made him cry about the flower girls dress and later apologized. Kate also gave Megan a flower and a note. Megan said UK newspapers are committed to shaping the story of ‘Hero and Villain’.

Queen Elizabeth was uprooted at Prince Harry-Megan Markle’s wedding
Father is injured: Harry
At the same time, Harry described his father Prince Charles and his brother Prince William as ‘trapped’ in the palace and said these people could not get out of the institution he was born into. Megan recounted how he thought about giving up his life. Harry said he asked the family for help but no one was helping him. Even her father Charles stopped picking up his phone. He said he suffered a lot of injuries from his father but wanted to improve their relationship.

Good relationship with grandmother: Harry
Prince also spoke of the older brother William. He said he loved William very much and that they both had a difficult time together. However, he said the two are now on a different path. He also made it clear that he respects Queen Elizabeth very much and that he remained with an equal discussion about leaving the palace. He said his relationship with the Queen was pretty good.

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