meghnad desai racism: lord meghnad desai of indian origin resigns from labor for racism – lord of indian origin meghnad appointed from labor on racism

Indian-born economist Lord Meghnad Desai has resigned, accusing Britain’s Labor Party of failing to effectively tackle racial discrimination. He said he had always been a Labor Party supporter but that on Thursday, 49 years after joining, he decided to cancel it because Jeremy Corbyn had joined the party after a mere 19-day suspension as the country complied human rights. He was found to be involved in “illegal acts” by the watchdog.

Lord Desai (80) said: “The decision to allow him to come back without an apology was very specific. It was ignored for a few months by the party opposition in the House of Commons, but it was a moderate reaction to a very big crisis. He said: “I am very uncomfortable and a little embarrassed that there is such racism in the party. Jewish MPs are openly called good and bad, women are trolled. It’s clean and clearly racist. ”

The Labor Party has been accused of racist comments about Jews for the past few years and the election debacle of December 2019 was also seen to be linked to this crisis. Desai said, “ I don’t see things really changing in the near future and I have to finally follow my inner self. I cannot live in a party that prejudices the Jews. He also stressed that he did not intend to join any other political party.

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