Mehul Choksi antigua: Mehul Choksi complains to Antigua police about her kidnapping appoints mystery woman, 2 Indians as kidnappers: Mehul Choksi complains to Antigua police about her kidnapping

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Mehul Choksi wrote complaint letter to Antigua police, made many serious allegations, claims fugitive diamond businessman – Antigua police people accuse girlfriend of kidnapping, stated – that he did nothing to save Roseau
Punjab National Bank scam mastermind Mehul Choksi has played a new trick to avoid coming to India. He said in a letter of complaint to the Antigua police that I had been forcibly beaten and taken to Dominica. He recounted the hand of friend Barbara Jaberica in her kidnapping. Not only that, this fugitive diamond dealer even claimed that the Antigua Police people were the ones who attacked.

Said – eight to ten people beaten
Mehul said in this letter of complaint that for a year I had been living in Antigua as a friend with Barbara Jaberica. On May 23, he asked me to come and pick him up from my house. When I got there, 8-10 people came to beat me mercilessly. Mehul also said these people claimed to be linked to Antigua Police. I was barely conscious. They took my phone, my watch and my wallet. They told me they didn’t want to steal from me and returned my money.

Girlfriend’s hand was told during kidnapping
This runaway diamond dealer claimed that Barbara Jaberica did not help me when I was beaten. He neither called for help nor tried to help in any other way. What Jaberika did during this time proves that she was an integral part of this whole plan to kidnap me.

Mehul Choksi case: Ruckus in a private plane arriving in Dominica, will the mastermind of the PNB scam come to India?
Antigua police have yet to respond to Mehul Choksi’s letter of complaint. It is believed that if action is taken or if Antigua Police investigate Mehul’s return to India may take longer.

Mehul was arrested by Dominican police on Wednesday
Mehul Choksi was arrested by Dominican police on Wednesday evening after his alleged disappearance. He has since been detained by Dominican police. The Prime Minister of Antigua had previously said he would not bring Choksi back to his country and wanted him to be brought directly back to India. However, the Dominica court suspended his extradition. The case will be heard again on June 2. Now, it is believed that in view of the indication of the Prime Minister of Antigua, the government of India may present some documents during the hearing.

Mehul Choksi and his “girlfriend”

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