Mehul Choksi bail: Mehul Choksi was released on bail for medical reasons:

Trader Mehul Choksi, who fled Indian banks with a thousands-crore scam, received great relief on Monday. The Dominican court granted Mehul Choksi bail on medical grounds. With this he has permission to go to Antigua and Barbuda. Indian agencies have been trying to extradite him since his arrest in Dominica about two months ago.

There are reports that legal proceedings against Choksi for illegally entering Dominica have been postponed for the time being. Along with this, the extradition hearing has also been postponed for the time being in order to bring them back to India. Choksi was allowed to travel to Antigua for treatment.

parole granted
According to the Times Now report, he is being referred for neurological treatment. It was said that Choksi had filed an urgent request in court and said his health was deteriorating rapidly. He immediately told his doctor in Antigua that he needed a doctor for treatment. The court granted bail on the condition that Choksi give his full Antiguan address to the court and also pay a fine of $ 10,000. After the treatment, he will have to return to Dominica.

Increased difficulties for India?
With the court ruling, it seems more difficult for Indian agencies to bring Choksi back to the country. In fact, Choksi describes himself as a citizen of Antigua and India does not have an extradition treaty with Antigua. At the same time, Indian agencies claim that Choksi has not renounced his Indian citizenship, so he is not a citizen of Antigua.

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