Mehul Choksi citizenship: Mehul Choksi is still India claims Antiguan prime minister

Mehul Choksi, accused of defrauding Indian banks, does not appear to be in trouble for the moment. Indian agencies are collecting evidence to strengthen their case, another truth has emerged regarding his citizenship. In fact, Antigua-Barabuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne issued an opinion about two years ago in which he was asked to resume Choksi citizenship.

Indian citizenship is not given up?
According to sources, Mehul Choksi had not presented his Indian passport to the embassy or high commission. It is only after its submission that the Certificate of Surrender of Indian Citizenship is issued as the right to dual citizenship is not granted under the Indian Constitution. Choksi did not follow this procedure. Antigua Prime Minister Gaston alleges that instead of responding to the investigation by law, Choksi suspended the decision to withdraw his citizenship through the court.

“Support the Dominica Opposition Party”
Supporting Choksi’s deportation to India, demanded that his arrest and extradition be viewed differently. Brown alleges that after receiving a notice regarding Antiguan nationality, Choksi changed lawyers and offered to campaign in the elections in return for help from a member of the UPP (the opposition party Dominica). So he (UPP) doesn’t want Choksi deported to India but sent to Antigua where he can hide behind constitutional protections.

Accused of paying a bribe to the leader of the opposition party
Earlier, according to Caribbean media Associate Times, Mehul Choksi’s older brother Chetan Chinubhai Choksi met with opposition party leader Lennox Linton in Dominica for two hours. The report claimed that Chinubhai had proposed to Linton that if the opposition helped him suppress the affair in parliament, he would receive a donation in the election.

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Mehul Choksi (file photo)

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