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P.N.B. Mehul Choksi case hearing in Dominica court today, Choksi’s way back home may be clear

New Delhi. Government of India PNB The verdict on Mehul Choksi, a fugitive accused in the scam, will come on Wednesday, June 2. Will Dominica’s court decide whether to send Mehul to India?

But in the meantime, Dominica’s opposition leader Lennox Linton has clearly come out to meet Mehul Choksi’s brother Chetan Choksi. Opposition leader Lint has categorically refused to meet Chetan Choksi.

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Efforts to bring in domestic diamond trader Mehul Choksi have intensified. For this, India has sent eight of its competent officers to Dominica. The officers arrived in Dominica by business plane. To date, however, no update has been given by the government about these officers.

The hearing will be held in Dominica Court
On Wednesday, June 2, a court in Dominica will rule on Mehul Choksi. The court will decide whether Choksi will return to India or wait a long time. The trial is set to begin on Wednesday in Dominica.

But in the midst of all this development, a big news started making headlines. In fact, media reports say that Mehul Choksi’s brother Chetan Choksi met the Leader of the Opposition in Dominica before the court decision.

Opposition leader Lint, however, denied the allegations. He said, “It is being claimed that I met Chetan at his residence in Marigot, but at present I have no house in Marigot, which was destroyed in the 2017 hurricane and I have yet to rebuild it.” Unable I have never received any money directly or indirectly.

When will India return?
The Enforcement Directorate will file an affidavit against Mehul Choksi in Dominica Court before the evening hearing in Dominica Court.

According to sources, the mention of the Red Corner notice against Mehul Choksi will be clarified in the affidavit that a team from the Enforcement Directorate will appear in court in Dominica.

Based on this Red Corner notice, the court will be requested to extradite Mehul Choksi to India.

This screw can hang
According to AP Singh, a former director of the CBI, Dominica could deport Mehul Choksi at any time as he has no legal right to do so.

But when the Dominican court found that Choksi had been abducted or forcibly brought to Dominica, the government would hand him over to Antigua because he had come from there.

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Hence the case of kidnapping
Choksi’s lawyers said in a Supreme Court application that Choksi did not flee Antigua, but was abducted and brought to Dominica by a honey trap.

Choksi had been friends with a woman for the past six months. The woman called Choksi on May 23 at an apartment in Antigua, where she was abducted by three men and taken to Dominica.

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