Mehul Choksi Latest News: Mehul Choksi’s Lawyer Appeals for Caribbean Community Intervention CARICOM in Alleged Kidnapping: Mehul Choksi’s Lawyer Appeals for Caribbean Help

Mehul Choksi, wanted in the Punjab National Bank scam, is now inciting the people of the Caribbean through his lawyer. Mehul’s lawyer, Michael Pollock, on Monday called on the Caribbean community to intervene because he is a citizen of Antigua. Pollock claimed that Choksi was called to a villa in Antigua and then beaten. He was strapped to a wheelchair and sent to Dominica by sea.

Violation of Antigua Law
The lawyer also claimed that it was a violation of Antigua law and a major test for the Caribbean community. London-based lawyer Pollock said the kidnapping of Choksi from Antigua to Dominica has drawn the world’s attention to the Caribbean countries and we have so far received little information from this organization (Association Caribbean countries) on this human rights violation.

Mehul’s lawyer to meet with CARICOM secretary general
He said a request had been made to meet with the organization’s general secretary, Irwin Larosk. Significantly, Choksi faces charges of illegal entry into Dominica and has been hospitalized since May 30. There are also efforts at the government level to bring it to India.

Wanted in the PNB scam
Mehul Choksi is wanted in India for defrauding the public sector of the Punjab National Bank (PNB) to the tune of approximately Rs 13,500 crore. He has lived as a citizen in Antigua and Barbuda since the year 2018 and mysteriously disappeared there on May 23.

Dominica declares Mehul illegal migrant
The government of Dominica issued an order on May 25 declaring Mehul Choksi an illegal immigrant. Dominican Minister of National Security and Home Affairs Rayburn Blackmoore issued an order to the police chief asking him to take action according to the law of the land to get Choksi out of the country.

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