Mehul Choksi released on bail by Dominica High Court Latest news: Dominica High Court rejects Mehul Choksi’s bail application

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Dominica High Court denied Mehul Choksi bail. The High Court said Mehul would flee if released on bail.
Mehul Choksi, the main PNB defrauder and incarcerated in Dominica prison, received a heavy blow from the court. The Dominican High Court denied bail to the fugitive Indian businessman during the hearing. After which it is believed that Mehul Choksi will have to spend several days in prison in Dominica.

Therefore, Mehul’s request for bail was denied.
According to the ANI report, during the hearing of Mehul Choksi’s bail application, the Dominican High Court declared that there was a risk in granting him bail. The court said that if Mehul is released on bail, he can flee the country. His application for bail was subsequently denied.

Mehul’s lawyers challenged bail request in High Court
At the previous hearing, Dominica’s lower court rejected Mehul’s request for bail until June 11. After which this decision was challenged by Mehul’s lawyers in the High Court. After a long argument, the court refused to grant Mehul bail.

Forcibly deported from Antigua to Dominica with a bag over the head of Mehul Choksi (lawyer)
Dominica declares Mehul illegal migrant
On May 25, the government of Dominica issued an order declaring Mehul Choksi an illegal immigrant. Dominican Minister of National Security and Home Affairs Rayburn Blackmoore issued an order to the police chief asking him to take action according to the law of the land to get Choksi out of the country.

Mehul Choksi case: Ruckus in a private plane arriving in Dominica, will the mastermind of the PNB scam come to India?
Choksi accused of PNB fraud
Choksi and his nephew Nirav Modi, as well as some bank officials, are accused of defrauding the Punjab National Bank (PNB) to the tune of Rs 13,500 crore. Nirav Modi is currently being held in a London prison. CBI is investigating the two.

The screws have already been tightened on nephew Nirav Modi
Some time ago, the Law Enforcement Directorate seized Mehul Choksi’s assets worth over Rs 14 crore in the Punjab National Bank scam case. Apart from that, his nephew and criminal partner, Nirav Modi, suffered a major setback from a court in the United Kingdom (UK). The court refused to make any concession to Modi. Westminster Court Judge Samuel Goozie has made it clear that there is evidence needed to convict Nirav. The court also admitted that Nirav Modi had plotted to destroy evidence and threaten witnesses.

Mehul Choksi imprisoned in Dominica

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