Mehul Choksi tells Antiguan police brought to Dominica to give interview to senior Indian politician

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Mehul Choksi made many shocking statements in the complaint letter sent to the Antigua police. Mehul was kidnapped for speaking to a top Indian agent boss and accused her friend of being involved in the kidnapping.
Fugitive diamond dealer Mehul Choksi made several sensational statements in a letter of complaint to Antigua police. He said he was kidnapped from Antigua to Dominica for talks with a very influential leader of India. However, he did not tell the police the name of this great leader of India. Mehul alleged that his girlfriend Barbara Jabarika played a key role in his kidnapping. According to Mehul, this included people claiming to be Tigua police and people who looked like Indians.

Antigua police open an investigation
Choksi is currently in Dominica after his mysterious disappearance from Antigua and Barbuda. Antigua Prime Minister Gaston Browne said police opened an investigation after receiving a complaint from Choksi. In his complaint to the Royal Antigua and Barbuda Police, Choksi named Jabarika, Narinder Singh and Gurmeet Singh, among others, as the accused.

Mehul Choksi Girlfriend: We won the first round of the legal battle, says Mehul Choksi’s lawyer
Choksi accuses Indian agents of kidnapping
Choksi alleged that he befriended Jabarika over the past year and that he was closely involved in her kidnapping. According to the complaint, she was abducted by people claiming to be Antigua police and mercenaries who looked like Indians. The fleeing Choksi is wanted in India in connection with the Rs 13,500 crore bank scam and is in custody at Dominica Friendship Hospital in China.

Blue t-shirt, half-pants … fleeing vigil appeared in wheelchair in Dominica court, bail request denied
Choksi Complaint – A Friend Was Tricked Into Calling Her Home
Choksi claimed that Jabarika lived across from his residential complex in Jolly Harbor and befriended his employees and regularly walked around with him (Choksi). Choksi said that on May 23, 2021, Jabarika asked him to come to his home, stepping away from his usual meeting schedule in a public place.

Mehul Choksi’s new bet, told police – I was beaten, said the hand of the “girlfriend” in the kidnapping
8-10 people ransacked the woman’s house
Choksi alleged that when he went to her house he asked her to stay inside as she wanted to finish her booze before going out. 8-10 strong men broke in and beat him and took his wallet, his Rolex watch, his cell phone. He was then handcuffed and blindfolded.

Kidnappers taken in wheelchairs
According to Choksi’s complaint, they told him that if he tried to protest, an obstruction of justice case would be registered against him. She alleged that they tied her to a wheelchair in an unconscious state and took her out of Jabarika’s house.

Mehal Choksi

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