Melania breaks silence on attack by Trump supporters on US parliament, says I’m disappointed and hurt – Melania is ‘disappointed’ with violence from Trump supporters in parliament building

Melania Trump has for the first time broken silence on the attack by supporters of President Donald Trump on the US Parliament. She said she was disappointed and hurt by the deadly violence committed by her husband’s supporters last week. Melania also targeted people during this time, saying they were using this sad incident for indecent things about me, unwanted personal attacks and false and misleading claims. She did not comment on her role in encouraging her husband or supporters to come to the parliament complex.

Trump supporters attacked the US Parliament
Angered by Trump’s election defeat and instigated by the president himself, a violent mob of his supporters stormed the Capitol complex on Wednesday and partially disrupted proceedings to verify Democrat Joe Biden’s victory. . Five days after the incident, the first public comment came from the First Lady.

“ I am disappointed and hurt by what happened last week ”
In an article written on a White House blog, he said that I am disappointed and hurt by what happened last week. In the midst of this tragic incident, I saw the embarrassing fact that some people considered relevant with a program, made indecent gossip, unwanted personal attacks on me, and made false and misleading claims. Melania didn’t mention who she was referring to.

“Now is the time to heal the wounds of the country’s citizens”
Stephanie Winston Woolkoff, Melania’s former friend and once a White House assistant, wrote an op-ed last week accusing the First Lady of participating in America’s ruin. The First Lady of America said in a written message Monday that it was time to fully heal the wounds of the country and its citizens. It should not be used for personal purposes.

Melania condemned violence in parliament
He said our nation will have to win in a civilized way. Do not misconstrue this, I fully condemn violence in the Parliament of our nation. Violence is never acceptable. He urged people to stop violence and not identify people by color, saying that different political ideologies should not be the basis for aggression or cruelty.

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