Melania Donald Trump White House Bedrooms: Donald Trump and Melania slept in separate bedrooms in the White House, divorce speculation escalated – Melania Donald Trump slept separately in his own bedrooms in the White House amid rumors divorce

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Former US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania have left the White House, as the White House reveals important information about the relationship between the two. Trump and Melania slept in separate rooms, mostly during their 4-year tenure in Washington.
Former US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania have left the White House for Florida. Meanwhile, important information has emerged about the relationship between the two in the White House. Trump and Melania slept mainly in separate bedrooms during their 4-year tenure, according to the US broadcaster CNN. The latest information came at a time when speculation about the divorce between the two has intensified.

Donald Trump was the president before 1869 who did not attend his successor’s swearing-in ceremony. Sources also said that Melania Trump had no “ heartache ” at leaving the White House. Melania had taken out all of her personal belongings a few days before leaving the White House. Sources claimed that Melania and Donald Trump slept in separate bedrooms while in the White House for “ most ” of the time.
Melania breaks silence on Donald Trump divorce, response to speculation
‘Melania also ignores White House staff’
A source said: “Trump was sleeping in his bedroom, which was a study room during the reign of the former presidents.” Not only that, Melania had also ignored her White House staff serving for four years upon leaving. Melania didn’t even write a thank you message to the 80 people working in the White House. There is a tradition in America that while writing, the First Lady writes letters for staff.

Melania had been away from public events since December 30. Melania got into the car in a flurry on Wednesday after stepping off her plane while Trump posed for a photo alone. It is claimed on social media that Melania has again ignored Trump. Melania Trump’s former colleague, Stephanie Volkoff, claimed some time ago that Melania was in talks with Trump over deals since the wedding. He calls for an equal stake in Trump’s property, with that of his son Baron. Volkoff called Trump and Melania’s marriage transactional.

How did Melania-Donald meet
Trump and Melania Trump’s love affair began in 1998. At that time Donald Trump was 52 and Melania 28. Fashion Week was being held in New York at this time, after which a party was to be held at the KitKat Club in Times Square. Trump and Melania both attended the party. The two turned their eyes on the conversation and the conversation began between them, and then in 2004 Trump sent Melania to the wedding with a $ 1.5 million diamond ring. After which, the two were married on January 22, 2005.

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