Melania Trump Donald Trump: Voting for Donald Trump means voting for a better America: Melania Trump – Voting for Donald Trump means voting for a better America says Melania Trump

US First Lady Melania Trump at a town hall meeting here said President Donald Trump is focused on the future of the country and voting for him means voting for a better America. Melania attended a campaign rally with her husband for the first time in Tampa, Fla. On Thursday. It was his second electoral rally.

Melania said: “Who still has to decide who they vote for on Tuesday, I hope what I tell you proves that voting for President Trump will mean voting for a better America.” He said: ‘At a time when the media carries hatred, negativity and fear into our homes and big tech companies are shrinking political opinions, we need to remember that what is required. My husband’s administration is forward looking.

Melania said the Trump administration has cut the noise and focused on the American people. He said: “Our nation has been honored again under the leadership of my husband, our borders are secure, we have won wars and we have kept our distance from new wars. We have concluded peace agreements in the Middle East. We not only talked about it, but we moved our embassy to Jerusalem.

He shouted “ four more years ” slogans during the election rally and said Trump’s leadership protected American values ​​and ideas. Regarding the Kovid-19 vaccine, Melania said farmers should not be playing politics.

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