Melania Trump Removes Social Media Posts Rumors of Divorce with Donald Trump Again: Growing ‘bitterness’ in Donald Trump-Melania relationship, Instagram post deleted, divorce speculation

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Relations with his wife Melania Trump turn bitter after Donald Trump’s disappearance, claiming that Melania Trump spends most of her time in spas after moving to Florida, due to the same bitterness, as well as speculation about the divorce between Melania and Trump Washington accelerates
The relationship with his wife Melania Trump turned bitter and warm after the removal of US President Donald Trump from power. Melania Trump is said to spend most of her time in Spain after moving to Florida. Due to this bitterness, speculation about the divorce between Melania and Trump is also intensifying. Not only that, Melania deleted all posts on her Instagram account.

Since leaving the White House, Melania Trump has been mysteriously away from the public and spends most of her time in Spa. Melania Trump was last seen on January 20. He has mysteriously disappeared since then. It was thought that she wanted to avoid going public, but recently she deleted all posts from her Instagram account. We think that all is not well with them.
Melania breaks silence on Donald Trump divorce, response to speculation
These days Donald Trump spends his time playing golf. At the same time, Melania did not go with Donald Trump to Super Bowl party. This behavior by Melania has intensified speculation that she could get a divorce. However, no concrete evidence has yet been revealed. A former White House official said bitterness grew during their time in the White House between Melania and Donald Trump and their relationship turned cold. However, Melania completely dismissed the divorce speculation.

How did Melania-Donald meet
Trump and Melania Trump’s love affair began in 1998. At that time Donald Trump was 52 and Melania 28. Fashion Week was being held in New York around this time, after which a party was to be held at the KitKat Club in Times Square. Trump and Melania both attended the party. The two turned their eyes on the conversation and the conversation started between them, and then in 2004 Trump sent Melania to the wedding with a $ 1.5 million diamond ring. After which, the two were married on January 22, 2005.

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