Melbourne lockdown update: Melbourne lockdown Latest update Covid-19 outbreak triggers restrictions: Number of cases of corona virus locked up in Melbourne has risen sharply

In Melbourne, Australia’s second most populous state, Victoria has announced a strict lockdown for 7 days after witnessing an increase in cases of the corona virus. However, so far only 26 cases of Kovid-19 have been found in this city. There are around 5 million people living in this city, who have been forbidden to go out and meet. In such a situation, questions are raised that it is a reasonable decision to impose the lockdown after only 26 cases have been found in such a large population.

So this caused a lockdown?
In response to this question, the Melbourne administration claims the rules were violated during the hotel’s quarantine. Due to which the cases of infection with the corona virus have increased. Not only that, the highly infectious strain B1617 of Kovid has been found in people with HIV. Apart from this, the speed of vaccination against the corona virus in the state of Victoria is also very slow. In such a situation, the movement of immediate people was stopped without taking any risks.

Melbourne fears Kovid Indian strain
Victoria Acting State Premier James Merlino has said we are dealing with a highly contagious strain of the virus. This is the reason for our concern. Due to this strain, cases of the corona virus have increased rapidly in Melbourne. The infection rate of this virus is much higher than before. This strain has wreaked havoc in India. The virus is believed to have spread through a passenger who returned to Australia from overseas.

Instructions to close everything
Schools, pubs and restaurants in Melbourne will be closed today from Thursday evening after the lockdown order. Gathering of people in one place has been banned. In addition, it was made compulsory for people to wear masks in public places. New Zealand has banned flights from Victoria after a new strain arrived. Not only that, other states in Australia have also increased surveillance of people arriving from Victoria.

Dispute between central state and vaccination in Australia as well
The Prime Minister of Victoria blamed the Conservative central government led by Prime Minister Scott Morrison for the slow pace of vaccination in the state. He said the Scott Morrison government was responsible for the lockdown in Melbourne. If more people had received the corona vaccine dose, we would have faced very different circumstances than today, but unfortunately that did not happen.

This is the fourth corona lock in Melbourne
This is the fourth time that the lockdown of the Corona virus has been imposed in this second largest city in Australia after the start of the epidemic. Also last year, a severe lockdown was imposed on Melbourne for 4 months. People in Melbourne came out to shop in large numbers before the lockdown. In such a situation, the possibility of infection also increases.

Lockdown announced in Melbourne

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