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The evolution of SharePoint lists is a success. The new service called Microsoft Lists allows us to create custom task lists, track them and link them to different people. One way to make our lists more productive by being able to integrate them into Power Automate.

Mention who you want in Microsoft lists

Almost every month, this service incorporates new functions that improve its capabilities. Now comes the ability to quote users from the comments area. This way there is no need to assign a task and can be a simple wake-up call.

To access this feature, just add an @ in the comments box and it will suggest who to mention. We can choose a name from the list or continue to write the full name. To avoid problems, Microsoft Lists will not allow us to choose someone who does not have access to the list. It also ensures that the company’s confidentiality criteria are met.

Microsoft lists are very useful only for organizing ourselves, but they reach their true potential by sharing lists. Being able to mention someone in a comment allows us to highlight an element to the person in question. It does not have to be the person to whom a task has been given.

The Redmond giant continues to improve Microsoft listings and we expect new features to be announced at future company events. SharePoint is a service that is not only found in most businesses, it is also giving birth to new services such as Microsoft lists.

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