‘Mentoring for women’s employment’ program is closed

Another edition, the women users of the EISOL and SMIL programs of the social action area of ​​the City of Pamplona received their diplomas for their participation in the program. The delivery was made by the president of AMEDNA, Cristina Sotro; the councilor for the field of social services, community action and sports of the City of Pamplona, ​​Mara Caballero; and by the territorial director Ebro of CaixaBank, Isabel Moreno.

The program is aimed at women with particular difficulties integrating into the world of work and from there, skills, self-esteem and tools are worked on to reconnect with the world of work.

The project consists of three main phases, the training phase, in which they tackled different topics such as self-knowledge and personal SWOT, self-esteem and personal motivation, professional goal, the job market. work, valuable professional skills in dynamic, global and uncertain environments; the second phase consisting of group and individual coaching sessions to strengthen training and personal development and in the third phase, the mentoring phase, which gives its title to the program, mentors are carried out with the participants acting as mentors of women entrepreneurs and AMEDNA Directives.

This year, the program incorporated two training sessions in applied technology, particularly on the use of devices to conduct interviews and online meetings.

During this closing ceremony, the mentors were also recognized for their work.

The project is approached from a gender perspective, taking into account the professional situation and the acquisition of skills and capacities, as well as limiting barriers and personal empowerment.

AMEDNA has designed and applies its own gender-focused methodology for each of its mentoring programs, as it has been applying formal mentoring systems since 2013 in female entrepreneurship, corporate and managerial leadership, and placement. A methodology that has specific gender protocols and indicators.

Mentees and mentors receive a training session so both can extract the full potential of using the tool.

In this edition, during the closing ceremony, a video was released that collects the testimonies of some of the mentors and mentees and in which stands out the excellent evaluation made by the participants in the program and his ability to transform into a personal vision. . and professional.

Amedna also gave a virtual presentation of the graduation and mentoring stamps that are given to mentors.

Cristina Sotro, President of AMEDNA, underlined that it is a program focused on a gender perspective, and from this vision the actions that compose it are designed. The general objective of the project is to improve the employability, self-knowledge and self-esteem of the participants, oriented towards their integration into the labor market.

For her part, Isabel Moreno, Territorial Director of Ebro at CaixaBank underlined in her speech that “at CaixaBank and Fundacin“ la Caixa ”, she believes that the progress of a society is measured by equal opportunities in the ‘job it offers’, leading them to promote “programs and initiatives, like Amedna’s, aimed at helping people who have difficulty accessing employment or who are at risk of social exclusion” .

The event was closed by the councilor of the City of Pamplona, ​​Mara Caballero, who stressed that this initiative transcends training, as it provides new formulas and techniques with which better results are obtained, which generate links, which promote personal and professional change and improvement.

They acted as mentors on the show

Susana Frommknetch, Paqui Fernndez, Mara Jos Blasco, Vanesa Garca, Cristina Ilzarbe, Myriam Larumbe, Ana Martnez Tanco, Puy Monlen, Aida Romero, Ainhoa ​​Urretagoiena and Ms. Victoria Vidaurre.

Project directors / coordinators:

By Amedna, Susana Labiano (Director Amedna, Program Director and Mentor Coordinator)

By Pamplona City Hall, Sagrario Subirn, EISOL / SMIL program

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