Mentoring, the new trend for large companies to promote female leadership

Mentoring, the new trend for large companies to promote female leadership

A total of 62 professionals, 31 managers with consolidated careers (mentors) and 31 women in full development of their professional careers (mentees), from CaixaBank, Telefnica, Naturgy, Repsol, Enags, SEAT SA and Suez, leading companies in their sector and the partner companies of the AED (Spanish Association of Administrators), participated in the first edition of the mentoring program promoted by the AED itself with the support of CaixaBank.

As evidenced by the interest in CaixaBank’s AED Lead Mentoring Women Directors program, large companies are increasingly joining mentoring programs that aim to promote female leadership in the context of large companies, a trend that is constantly growing. .

Aware of the need to continue to increase gender equality in management positions, AED and CaixaBank have decided to launch this project, which is completing its first edition after six months of meetings. During this time, mentors and mentees exchanged experiences to identify the keys to professional success.

Indeed, almost half of the mentees, 45%, were women between 41 and 45 years old, followed by the age group between 36 and 40 years (29%) and 46 to 50 years (19%). Finally, participants aged 51 to 55 represented 7% of the total.

For Eva Nez, director of the CaixaBank Business Center in Sant Cugat (Barcelona) and mentor, “being able to participate in this type of program has been rewarding, not only because it allows you to share experiences, but also because you relive them, but from another point of view. “A positive experience to which” I learned from my mentee and which I hope I could have contributed to, at least in the same way that she has contributed to me “, a- he added.

In the case of Leyre Olavarra, Head of Infotainment and the Connected Car at SEAT SA, and another of the initiative’s mentors, the program was “a joint learning process”, and stressed that “these sessions force the mentee to think about his current job, his difficulties and the next steps he wants to take ”. In addition, Olavarra underlined the union of companies from different sectors and the generated networking, “so important at the management level”.

For her part, the manager of the CaixaBank Paseo de la Castellana store office in Madrid and mentee, Gema Gonzalo, “the sessions we organize are moments that invite you to reflect, to deepen your qualities and to recognize areas for improvement. It helps you gain self-confidence and guide your professional career ”.

The initiative was also appreciated very positively by another of the mentees, Telefnica’s organization manager, Isabel Gaviln: “It gave me a space to speak honestly and confidentially about my professional moment. In addition, it helped me realize how some aspects of my personality that I considered negative, far from being negative, have become key aspects that have allowed me to anticipate situations, thus having the ability to react correctly ”.

96% feel closer to their goals

In total, among all the couples, more than 160 one-on-one virtual sessions were held, during which the participants worked together to overcome any limitations and obstacles that women encounter in their daily work. During the process, mentees and mentors agreed that 10 goals were achieved:

Self-reflection and self-assessment Implementation of new working methodologies and / or new ways of doing things Development of team leadership Improvement of individual and team growth strategy Communication with different stakeholders Self-confidence Taking decision in their professional life that before mentoring rejected Proactive career break Improved time management and reconciliation Improved negotiation skills

At the end of the program, 96% of mentees say they feel closer to their goals. In addition, they also ensure that among the main benefits that the initiative has brought them is learning from the experience of the mentor and of an organization other than their own; personal and professional development; a new professional relationship with high added value, as well as support and motivation, discipline, security and trust.

For their part, mentors emphasize the satisfaction and enrichment of helping, contributing to challenges and generating value for the mentee; internal learning and reflection; improving the capacity for empathy; share experiences, see and learn from different perspectives and concerns; the relationship established with the mentee and learning from another company.

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