Mercedes Pescador, Entrepreneur of the Year award 2020

Cantabrian Mercedes Pescador, writer and communications expert, owner of public relations firm Medialuna and the publishing label LoQueNoExiste, was awarded the Company of the Year 2020 award by ASEME, the women’s organization of most experienced business in the country. In the year of the pandemic, Pescador launched the largest collective containment work, Let Everyone Tell You What Happened, and converted his Medialuna business, promoting digital events.

Mercedes Pescador explains how, in March 2020, she had to reconvert the activity of her company Medialuna to offer new forms of digital communication. And how he launched the most universal book on the pandemic, Let the Whole World Tell You What Happened, written in two hundred hands by authors from five continents. He did this with his publishing house, LoQueNoExiste, during detention, transferring the rights to the Illuminate a Life program from the ALARES Foundation and achieving a social challenge.

Pescador assures us that “ideas to be brilliant must have an ethical social purpose”. And how the new business world calls for leaders who understand the importance of doing good and helping to improve life or the planet. “Everything is no longer valid. We are vulnerable. Big can be small suddenly and vice versa. This crisis is for everyone a call to humility, to the need to build ”.

Mercedes launched its first Medialuna company in 2000, after ten years as an employee. She has developed more than two hundred communication campaigns for private and public companies and is currently the European Parliament’s arbitration agency in Spain.

Female talent, empowerment

Seven years later, he founded the publishing house LoQueNoExiste in order to launch unpublished books on the market. His first job was a deaf bettor and what !, whose communication campaign deserved to be rewarded. Deaf people wrote a book for the first time and told about silence, the value of communication and its impact. The publishing house has a collection called Female Talent, which promotes the literary talent of women.

It was the first publishing house in the country to print the word ’empowered’ and the first to start giving visibility to the process of women’s empowerment as a strategy to boost the economy. And, from the LoQueNoExiste publishing house has published titles of great public impact, which have generated a social debate around previously unknown topics, such as female entrepreneurship, hyperactivity, diseases rare or deafness.

Mercedes Pescador has innovated in the field of communication, developing unique initiatives, such as the First CSR Communication Observatory in Spain (OCARE) or the creation of the training method for public speaking, Sin shame.

Currently, he runs both companies and, following the pandemic, teleworks with a team of experts in Digital Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations and Communication, mainly focused on the production of digital events, with remote production. “It’s a new era that demands new forms of relationships and communication,” he says. Pescador is the mother of three children.

ASEME awarded five other annual prizes to businesswomen, entrepreneurs and managers who stood out for their career and their social commitment, such as Mriam Daz Aroca, social entrepreneur; Eva Mara Robles Jimnez, media entrepreneur; Luca Mndez-Bonito, director of the year; Uliana Tokkunova, young entrepreneur; and Beatriz Crespo Ruiz, SME of the year. The winners received a tribute at the Madrid Chamber of Commerce on the afternoon of December 10, with the help of the authorities and strict security measures.

The awards gala was streamed live and watched by hundreds of people in Spain and Latin America. “It is particularly important in 2020 to reward perseverance, the ability to reinvent oneself and find business opportunities in the midst of a crisis like the one we are going through. We women have a lot to contribute in order to progress ”, declared Eva Serrano, president of ASEME.

Pescador encouraged all women with ideas to start trying: “The distance between dreams and reality is a statement of intentions, with a dose of hard work and persistence. Do not bow to difficulties, go for it ”and is the patron of the Foundation for Diversity

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