mercury tail: Why do comets closest to the sun appear to be a tailed comet? – why does mercury have a tail like comets

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Unlike other planets, Mercury has a tail. Usually the tail is made up of comets. The atmosphere of the intellect is very thin. The sun’s radiation is carried out. The bright tail of comets or shooting stars is usually seen in the same way, but did you know that a planet That also has a tail? This planet is Mercury. Mercury’s tail is several miles long and looks like a bright orange yellow light. After all, how is Mercury different from other planets?

How is Mercury?
In fact, Mercury is the innermost planet in our solar system, that is, the closest to the sun. Its distance from the sun is half the Earth. Radiation from the sun and the solar wind continues to affect this small, dense, rocky planet about 58 million kilometers away. Its mass is much less, 5.5% less than the mass of the earth. It also doesn’t have much gravity or a magnetic field.

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This is why the tail is made
In such a situation, it has no atmosphere but only a thin layer of molecules of oxygen, sodium, hydrogen, helium and potassium. Solar winds and extremely small meteorites collide there. Mercury has nothing to protect against them. Solar radiation creates a pressure through which the tail of comets is visible.

Looks like a comet
The sodium in Mercury begins to glow due to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, and Mercury looks like a comet. When comets made of dust and ice move towards the sun, their snow and dust turn into vapor, which we look like a tail. The peculiarity is that the comet visible from the earth is in fact far from us.

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