meteor on camera: meteor in Canada Caught on camera: meteorite dropped in Canada

The people of Alberta, Canada suddenly saw a blue light in the sky that was considered a nuclear attack. It was later discovered that it was a meteorite. The fireball caused by her was so huge that it was seen from the US border to the Arctic Circle. Numerous security cameras installed in these areas were seen.

One video saw so much light that even the dark black night sky was glowing. The International Meteorite Organization (IMO) has received more than 300 calls for meteorite sightings. Astronomer Dr Chris Hurd of the University of Alberta told Canadian radio station 630 CHED morning that a space rock entered our atmosphere and burned from friction.

Meteorites are only part of the asteroid. When an asteroid breaks for some reason, a small piece of it separates from it, called a meteoroid. When these meteorites reach close to the earth, they burn on contact with the atmosphere and we see a light that looks like a shooting star, or a shooting star, but they are not really stars.

It is not necessary that every meteorite be burnt as soon as it arrives on earth. Some large meteorites also land on the ground without burning and are then called meteorites. NASA’s Johnson Space Center keeps a collection of meteorites found in different corners of the world, and by studying them, layers of astroids, planets, and our solar systems are opened up.

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