meteor shower breaking news: Leonid-Taurid meteorites rain down in the sky before Diwali

The sky will shine again in November. Even though firecrackers are not fired on the ground during Diwali week, sky fireworks are sure to be. The special thing is that this month there will be two meteors. Astronomers are very excited about the stars falling from the sky, which will create incredible views.

Southern Taurid and Northern Taurid Rain have become active and will soon light up the sky. As the southern Taurid peak continues, northern Taurid will be most active from November 11-12. Taurids are born when the earth passes through the debris of comet 2P-Encke. In this case, the shooting stars are seen from the earth.

Why are these stars so special
Leonid became active this week and will continue later this month. They originate from comet 55P / Tempel-Tuttle and a large number of shooting stars have lit the sky for centuries. Sometimes hundreds of stars can be seen in an hour.

However, the American Meteor Society (AMS) says it is difficult for us to see such heavy rains in our lives. It may be that in 2030 there will be such a rain. This year, Leonid can show up to 15 stars in an hour from November 16 to 17 when there won’t be many obstacles due to the moon.

How to see
They can be seen before dawn. It would be difficult to see them in more light. It is possible to see more stars than to lie on the ground. They can be seen coming from the direction of the constellations Leo or Taurus.

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