Meteor shower in Turkey: Turkey’s sky turns green after massive meteor explosion

Strong points

Strong explosion in the sky of Turkey The color of the sky green after the explosion Video has gone viral on social networks Ankara
In Izmir, Turkey, people were shocked to hear an explosion in the sky on Monday. Not only that, but for a few seconds, the color of the sky turned bright green. Many social media users across the country shared a video of a “meteor” falling to the ground. Due to this meteor, there was an explosion in the sky and for a few seconds the color of the sky changed. Now the video of this incident is getting more and more viral on social media platforms.

small projected missile
A social media user named Ehsan Elahi tweeted the video and wrote: “A green meteor was seen over Izmir in Turkey”. He guessed and wrote: “It is not a meteor but a small missile fired from a satellite. Notice the fire that started as soon as the meteor entered Earth’s atmosphere.

Some people guessed UFO
Many believed in the rocket wreckage or the rumor of a satellite explosion. Meanwhile, some people have also suggested the presence of UFOs. Social media platforms are full of similar speculations and different theories that are going viral on the internet. However, Turkish astrophysics professor Dr Hassan Ali Dal tried to quell the excitement of the rumors with his guesses.

Look at the event like a shooting star
Scientist quoted in LADBible says meteors get hot when they enter Earth’s atmosphere. Usually they are burnt and this incident should be considered a “shooting star”. Often, such phenomena are observed during meteor showers.

event every year
This event, which takes place every year between July and August, is known as the “Perseid meteor shower”. During this time, 50 meteors are moving across the sky at a speed of over 100,000 miles per hour. His remains don’t even reach Earth most of the time.

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