Meteorite Value: Winchcombe Meteorite in Britain Price Value Explained Importance: Why a meteorite dropped in the UK is valuable

A meteorite fragment fell to earth in February. After completing nearly 4 billion years of space travel, the meteorite on Earth is very special. It is believed to be priced at around 1lah pound, or 1.03 crore rupees. After being found in a field, he was sent to the museum. It has now been on display for the common people at the Natural History Museum from Monday. In such a situation, it is interesting to know why this piece of meteorite is so special? (Photo: The administrators of the Natural History Museum)

Fireball fell

This space rock, now known as the Winchcombe meteorite, is a rare carbonaceous condrite. Previously it has not been found in Britain. It contains special organic compounds which are important for the basis of life in space and the design of other planets. It is the first meteorite discovered in Britain in the past 30 years. When she fell, an orange and green fireball was seen falling from the sky and she was captured on a security camera installed in the house. For this reason, it could be discovered by discovering its landing site.

“ Scientists jumped for joy ”

A family had found pieces of black rock and debris and also heard a banging sound. Obtaining information about this, the experts began to search the surrounding area, and then the largest 103-gram piece was found in the nearby field. These coins were found on the land of a woman named Victoria Bond. In the DailyMail report, they said seven scientists were looking for him and when they found these pieces, they jumped for joy. He said it was a very magical moment for him as well. She can’t figure out what she really is looking at this room.

Why is this meteorite special?

Meteorite researcher Serra Russell at the museum called it a once-in-a-lifetime event. He said it was the most special meteorite he had seen. It contains carbon and water and it is believed that life came to earth through them. He said that it is very important to study them to know the origin of life on Earth and the solar system. Serra says this meteorite is at least 4.5 billion years old in the early days of the solar system. He said that based on his landing, it can be established that it came from the asteroid belt near Jupiter.

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