Meteorites bring water to the earth: Meteorites: where on earth has come immeasurable water, revealing the mystery that has lasted for centuries – meteorites delivered water to the earth billions of years ago ‘years

About 71% of the Earth is filled with water and 96.5 of it is present in the sea. Where did so much water come from on Earth? It has been a mystery to humans for thousands of years. There has been a lot of debate among scientists about this. The curtain is now visible from this month. A new study has found that meteorites falling to earth brought water here. This new research by scientists is based on the search for many meteorites that fell billions of years ago. Water has been found inside several of these ancient meteorites. All about this new research on water …

Detection of carbonaceous chondrite meteorites revealed

Over the years, many scientists have believed that water comes to Earth through meteorites. At that time, the Earth was part of a huge astronomical body. However, these scientists could not justify their claim because the meteorites studied on Earth fell billions of years ago. As a result, water was not found inside these meteorites. The claims of these scientists now appear to be valid. However, new research into carbonaceous chondrite meteorites that fell in the last century has not left scientists happy. These ancient meteorites formed about 4.5 billion years ago, around this time the solar system was developing. These meteorites were part of a huge asteroid at that time.

Water distribution indicated for uranium and thorium

This new research studies the distribution of uranium and thorium within meteorites. While uranium is soluble in water, thorium is not capable of it. That way, if there was water on these meteorites, evidence of it would be found in the distribution of uranium and thorium as they dissolved. Nine meteorites have been studied in research published in the journal Science. During this time, the researchers obtained the information they were looking for. However, the lifespan of both elements is short, so the inflow of water on these rocks must have occurred within the last few crore years. The research paper states: “Carbon chondrite meteorites are believed to be a shattered part of their parent body that moves through the outer part of the solar system.

Asteroid investigation will open many more secrets in the future

The research paper published in the Science Journal states, “There is evidence of reaction with liquid water inside these meteorites that would have been lost or completely frozen billions of years ago. Since many radioactive isotopes have been lost due to their short lifetimes, meteorites must have come into contact with water over the past millions of years. The team said that not only did water come in the ancient history of the earth, but it came continuously. They believe this idea can be used to test samples of asteroids falling to earth. The Japanese space agency recently collected samples from an asteroid Ryugu, performing a similar incident. These valuable samples are currently under investigation.

Japan ordered black gold 300 million kilometers away

The Japanese space agency JAXA has requested samples from the asteroid Ryugu, which revolves in infinite space about 300 million kilometers from Earth. The asteroid samples appear completely black as charcoal. These samples were collected by the Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa 2 last year. Japanese experts said these samples from the asteroid Ryugu were 0.4 inches thick and were rock hard. Japanese professor Usui reported that the two sets of samples from the asteroid show varying hardness of the rock below the ground on the surface of Ryugu. He said there is also a possibility that the second time around the vehicle landed where there was hard rock below the surface. Ryugu is a Japanese name meaning ‘Palace of the Dragon’. Ryugu is an asteroid very close to Earth. It measures approximately 1 kilometer. The distance between Rygu and Earth is about 300 million kilometers. Scientific observation operations of these precious samples will now be carried out and the Earth and the Moon will be observed using scientific instruments.

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