Mexico City Eagle: 600 Year Old Eagle Sculpture Found in Mexico City: 600 Year Old Eagle Found in Mexico City

Archaeologists excavating in Mexico City have found a 600-year-old golden falcon in the Great Temple or the Templo Mayor. The discovery was made by Rodolfo Aguilar’s team from the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), Mexico. This shape is formed on volcanic rock, which is the largest figure found in the lower part of the pyramid shaped temple.

Center of the universe
The Templo Mayor was a massive structure that was at the heart of Ajtec religion and culture. Among these people, this temple is considered the center of the universe. It was started at the beginning of the 15th century. This eagle is engraved on the ground and another floor has also been built on which it has been preserved.

Part of culture
This figure is at the bend of two streets of Mexico. When it was built it was on the southern slope of the temple. This golden eagle is also called Aquila chrysaetos Itjakuotli or obsidian eagle. It bears this name in the Nahal language of the locals in central Mexico and is part of Aztec culture.

It was considered a sacred symbol and believed to be present during the birth of the sun, and its sign was used for warriors in Aztec culture.

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