mh-60 romeo: lockheed mortin shares first look at indian navy’s mh-60 romeo, sino-pak banaga ladakh period

The MH-60 Romeo multirole helicopter purchased in the United States for the Indian Navy has had a first glimpse. India has signed an agreement with the American company Lockheed Martin for the purchase of 24 helicopters of this type for 2.6 billion dollars. The helicopter specializes in detecting their presence given the growing number of Chinese submarines in the Indian Ocean. In addition, they will also be equipped with deadly missiles and torpedoes that destroy enemy warships and submarines. However, the image that just presented itself is of the Lockheed Martin manufacturing plant in America. In such a situation, it can take months to join the Indian Navy.

The Romeo helicopter is equipped with these weapons

The MH60 Romeo chopper can be equipped with many types of weapons. It has four points for the deployment of weapons. In which Lockheed Martin’s AGM-114 Hellfire anti-surface missile can be mounted. It can launch active / passive AKT MK50 or MK46 anti-submarine torpedoes to target submarines. For its safety, it can also be equipped with a 7.62mm machine gun.

Will keep a close eye on the China-Pak movement in the Indian Ocean

China has now set eyes on the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea, after showing its greatness over the South China Sea. Chinese submarines, warships and spy ships constantly patrol the Andaman Sea. On the other hand, Pakistan and China continuously incorporate state-of-the-art tanks and armored vehicles at their land borders. For this reason, India also purchased a Chinook heavy lift helicopter and an Apache attack helicopter shortly before to increase its strategic strength.

India buys 24 MH-60 Romeo helicopters

During the visit of US President Donald Trump, India signed an agreement to purchase 24 Multius MH60 Romeo helicopters. The MH60 Romeo helicopters will replace the older Sea King helicopters built in the UK in India. These helicopters will enable the Indian Defense Forces to conduct successful surface and submarine drilling operations. These 15,157 crore helicopters can be operated from frigates, destroyers, cruisers and aircraft carriers. A helicopter costs around $ 28 million.

The American “ Romeo ” is a “ flying frigate ” in the sea

MH60 Romeo helicopters are called flying frigates at sea. The helicopter is equipped with multi-mode radar, night vision equipment, Hellfire missiles, MK-54 torpedoes and rockets capable of destroying enemy submarines . India currently has 140 warships, but there is a severe shortage of naval attack helicopters. About 300 MH60 RC Hawk helicopters are in use around the world. The helicopter has a firepower of approximately 834 km and weighs 689 kg.

MH-60 Romeo will be the era of the Chinese submarine

The MH60 RC Hawk helicopter will become a long range eye, ear and enemy elimination weapon for the Indian Navy. These helicopters are introduced into the Indian Navy at a time when India is facing the infiltration of Chinese submarines and warships into the Indian Ocean. Red horses and sensors mounted in Sea Hawk will not only be able to identify submarines passing underwater, but will also be able to hunt them in time. Alam, is that the legend of every submarine is afraid of this fierce hunter.

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