mian mithoo pakistan converted hindu girl: pakistan: hindu child made muslim

Strong points:

Mian Mittu’s henchmen set fire to the house of Hindu child Kavita on Sunday night before Pakistani Muslim fundamentalists kidnapped Kavita, not only that Mian Mittu forcibly converted a Hindu child in Karkachi.
The morons of Muslim fundamentalist Mian Mittu, who run a minority conversion factory in Pakistan, torched the house of Hindu child Kavita on Sunday evening. Previously, Kavita had been kidnapped by Muslim fundamentalists and Mian Mittu forcibly converted him. When Kavita’s father, Takhat, protested against this, his house has now been set on fire. On the other hand, Takhat warned that if the Pakistani government did not get my daughter back, I would set myself on fire.

According to The Rise News, the father’s house, opposed to the kidnapping of his daughter Kavita, was set on fire by unknown people. Takhat demonstrated against Kavita’s kidnapping. The poem was converted by Mian Mittu, who is very special from Prime Minister Imran Khan. He changed this religion to his base of Ghotki. During this time, a large number of people were present.

Three Hindu girls kidnapped in Sindh
Explain that incidents of religious atrocities against Hindu, Sikh and Christian minorities living in Pakistan are on the rise. In the past 26 days in Sindh, famous for her conversion, three girls have been kidnapped by fundamentalists and forced to convert to Islam. Two of these girls are said to be underage. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has remained silent on these conversion incidents. The police are also looting the whole affair, as the abducted girls come from poor Hindu sections.
As reported by The Rise News, a little Hindu girl named Aarti Meghwar has been kidnapped from Daharki. At the same time, the second underage girl, Kavita, was abducted from Kashmore Tangwani. The third daughter, Reena Meghwar, was abducted on February 13 and then married to a middle-aged man in Dadu. Reena Meghwar’s uncle Hamir said he complained to many officials about it, but to no avail.

The administration smears in the name of the action
Hamiro said he was under pressure to meet the girl, so that the cleric could prove to the media, under the same excuse, that the girl came on her own. He also alleged that the person who kidnapped the girl and Maulvi Nikah was getting a lot of money from both. Aarti Meghwar’s family members said the administration had promised them their daughter would be fired. But, even after so many days, the police took no action.

Increased cases of conversion to lockout
During the Corona virus lockdown in Pakistan, there was a huge conversion of Hindu and Christian girls. Pakistani human rights activists have expressed concern that, as a result, the feeling of insecurity in the minds of minorities has also increased rapidly. The fanatical attitude of the police in Imran Khan’s government and the absence of strict laws encouraged and strengthened fundamentalists.

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