Mice raining from the sky as biblical plague sweeps across Australia See horrifying video: Mouse rats from ‘sky’ in Australia, panicked people

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A video of the mouse rain from Australia caused panic. The video shows the grain warehouse being cleaned on a farm. Dead and alive rats come out of fucking pump and viral Melbourne Now incident video
A video of the mouse rain from Australia has caused panic on social media. This video shows that a grain warehouse is being cleaned up in a field. Dead and alive rats come out of this warehouse pump. This video of the mouse rain is now widely distributed on social networks. A lot of people are afraid to see this video.

There have been several cases of plague in Israel in recent times. ABC TV reporter Lucy Thackeray shared the mouse rain video on Twitter. We see in this video that a large number of rats fall from inside the warehouse with the grain. The condition became such that there was a mouse movement on the ground. During this time, many rats managed to escape, but those that survived were buried under the corpses of dead mice.

‘The government should work to eliminate mice’
A lot of comments have been received so far on videos shared on Twitter. Thackeray wrote that even after the grain was full inside the warehouse, the rats got in. People were horrified to see this video of him. One Twitter user wrote: ‘I’ve seen all the things I’ve seen throughout the year, it’s the worst. Another user wrote: “I have heard of cats and dogs rain many times, but never heard of mouse rain.

Seeing the danger of plague in the country, farmers ask the government to work for the elimination of mice. Australian farmers, faced with drought, hoped to win after a good rain, but the mice lost their dreams. Farmers are now demanding a financial package from the government.

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