MicroLED technology could be implemented in Hololens

The technology is advancing at a breakneck pace and often it is worked out in a theoretical way before we can create the device as such. Something like this seems to be happening with Microsoft’s Hololens, a product that resembles something out of a sci-fi movie and each time outperforms its predecessors. Now it looks like the next step would be the incorporation of MicroLED

Hololens could benefit from MicroLED technology

The current generation of Microsoft HoloLens uses a combination of waveguides and light projectors for their display system. HoloLens 2 uses laser light to illuminate the screen. Even though the HoloLens 2’s display system is improved over the original HoloLens, it is far from perfect. Recently we came across a new patent from Microsoft in the United States. user.

What are MicroLED displays?

MicroLED displays do not need separate lighting optics. In the proposed system, Microsoft will use three monochrome projectors to generate three monochrome images (for example, red, blue and green images) which are fed separately into a single HoloLens waveguide and combined to form an image which is displayed on the user.

By using a single waveguide which includes a plurality of spatially separated input regions (e.g., a region for introducing blue light, a region for introducing red light, a region for introducing green light), the system MicroLED display of the present disclosure may reduce the form factor of the HMD device due to the reduced number of plates that may be required to combine the three monochrome images.

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