Microsoft acquires Sony with all its divisions, including PlayStation

As it looked like 2020 was drawing to a close, we encountered a new turn of events. Microsoft again pulled the wallet to close the buy of the year. On this occasion, the American giant acquired Sony for a figure close to 130 billion dollars. Apparently, the main promoter of the operation was Phil Spencer to strengthen the Xbox catalog.

In this way, Microsoft is returning to the entertainment sector by taking over Sony Pictures and Sony Music. In addition, it takes over the mobile telephony activity and its patents, as well as the cameras, video and televisions division. However, the most interesting room for Redmond is the PlayStation division and all of its studios.

The PlayStation catalog comes to Xbox Game Pass

Regulators were reluctant about the deal, so Microsoft has pledged to continue selling and supporting PlayStation 5 buyers. The console is not a priority for Microsoft, but the main draw is its entire Catalog. According to Phil Spencer, the Xbox team will do their best to bring all Sony exclusives to Game Pass.

Buying Bethesda was just the start of creating a service that will mark a generation of gamers. In 2021, big badges like God of War, Uncharted or The Last of Us will have versions for Xbox and PC, and will be available from day one to all Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

From Microsoft, they did not say whether this move will also happen in the opposite direction. Everything indicates that Phil Spencer’s intention is to strengthen the Xbox catalog, as happened with the purchase of Bethesda, while reaching a new dimension. In this way, Xbox gamers in 2021 will be able to enjoy titles such as Spiderman or The Last of Us on their consoles.

Satya Nadella wants to avoid repeating Nokia’s story

Sony’s purchase includes its smartphone division, which is currently part of Sony’s video and audio products. This decision is reminiscent of the frustrated acquisition of Nokia during the Windows Phone era. However, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has indicated that this will not happen.


The company’s plan for the smartphone division involves its liquidation, reassigning employees to other areas of the video and sound division. This strategy is very similar to that pursued by Google with Motorola, in that Microsoft will benefit from the telephony patents of the Japanese group of companies.

Currently, Microsoft is continuing its efforts to create a new market niche in the telephony world with Surface Duo. Remember that Sony phones retain a market share that is difficult to trace. However, Surface Duo 2 will benefit from camera technologies developed by Sony to make the leap into the photographic section.

Groove Music returns thanks to Sony Music

Finally, Microsoft’s plans for Sony Music and Sony Pictures go through their transformation into new subscription services. Both will be integrated with the Groove Music and Movies & TV apps, offering Sony’s catalog of music and movies streaming. This effort will include a redesign of apps across all platforms.

In terms of pricing, Groove will have the same plans and prices as Spotify, while movies and TV will have the same prices as Netflix. These divisions will remain under the leadership of Phil Spencer and be exclusive, so the catalog will disappear from competing platforms throughout 2021.

Happy April Fools!

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