Microsoft and LinkedIn engaged in digital skills training during COVID-19

Microsoft and LinkedIn engaged in digital skills training during COVID-19

Microsoft and LinkedIn have helped more than 30 million people – surpassing the original target of 25 million – in more than 249 countries around the world to acquire or improve their digital skills during COVID-19, through various training programs and resources that both companies have made available to interested parties free of charge. In addition, Microsoft and LinkedIn have announced their commitment to help 250,000 companies by 2021 to recruit according to their skills. New resources from LinkedIn, GitHub, and Microsoft – free LinkedIn Learning and Microsoft Learn courses and low-cost certifications ranked among 10 of the most requested jobs – detailed on Microsoft’s official blog – will help job seekers and professionals alike. employers to develop a skills-based economy.

Millions of people around the world, from laid-off factory workers to retail business owners to truck drivers, have accessed online courses offered by GitHub, LinkedIn and Microsoft during the pandemic for training. to some of the most demanded functions in the job market. , such as customer service, project management or data analysis.In Spain, since last July, more than 730,000 people have accessed the training routes offered by LinkedIn, as well as more than a thousand courses in free online of the Microsoft Learn platform, in order to improve your employability, develop your digital skills or advance your professional retraining.

Microsoft, LinkedIn and Github have announced plans to expand their commitment to helping people affected by the pandemic with new tools and platforms designed to connect job seekers with employers. “Over the past year, we have seen how the pandemic has hit the people who can least take it,” said Microsoft President Brad Smith. “This is why we have redoubled our commitment at LinkedIn and Microsoft to create a more inclusive and skills-based labor market, creating more alternatives, offering greater flexibility and accessible learning paths that help these people to find a new job more easily.

Microsoft and LinkedIn plan this year to help 250,000 companies recruit skills-based hires through new and existing products. LinkedIn will provide new ways to demonstrate candidate skills and new tools for employers to connect with candidates based on their skills. Among them are:

New possibilities for defining profiles. LinkedIn’s new profile features – expressive, inclusive, and personalized – will help people share more about themselves, their careers, and goals in a more authentic and engaging way. This includes a “Introducing the Story” video that allows job applicants to demonstrate their technical skills to recruiters and HR professionals. 75% of hiring managers believe that a standard CV is insufficient to assess a candidate’s technical skills, and nearly 80% believe that video has become more important when it comes to assessing candidates. * Expanded access to LinkedIn SkillsGraph, to help create a common skills language for individuals, employers, educational institutions and public entities to improve planning, hiring programs and promotion of employment. Content Creator Mode: Professionals who regularly share innovative ideas, publish their own content, and strive to increase their number of followers on LinkedIn can activate the new content creator mode on their profile. This new feature helps people increase their number of subscribers by adding the “Follow” button to their profile, share more about their experience through the hashtags at the top of it, and better show their content by promoting from their “Featured” and “Activity” sections to make the content more accessible. Service Pages: Freelancers and small business owners can create a services page directly from their profile where they can detail the services they offer in order to attract new customers. In doing so, they will be able to reach a greater reach in the professional community of LinkedIn, which has nearly 740 million members. In the coming months, new forms of management services and interaction with buyers will be added, however it will soon be possible to view customer ratings and reviews directly from this page.

Microsoft complements LinkedIn’s work to promote digital skills opportunities, with Career Coach, a Microsoft Teams for Education app made possible by LinkedIn, which provides personalized guidance so college students can define their career path, goals, and goals. their interests and skills. Through the use of artificial intelligence technologies and integration with LinkedIn information, it is possible to align a student’s complete profile with labor market trends, identify skills to be developed and to connect with mentors and peers, all in one place.

“Too often, a person is hired based on their last job, their degree or who they know. Workers now better understand and express the skills they have and need, as companies look not only at those credentials, but also at the skills workers in often overlooked communities have to do the job. We want to help accelerate this change, ”says Ryan Roslansky, CEO of LinkedIn. “Since last June, Microsoft and LinkedIn have helped more than 30 million people worldwide access digital skills, and now we are expanding our commitment to help 250,000 companies recruit skills in 2021.”

As part of this initiative, Microsoft worked closely with its nonprofit partners to help provide comprehensive support through mentoring, mentoring, and networking to nearly 6 million students. Microsoft will do even more in this regard and announced a new online service, CareerConnector, offering 50,000 job seekers the opportunity to land technology-related jobs over the next three years. It will focus on learners who have gained skills through their nonprofit and training partners, with a particular focus on women and underrepresented minorities in tech.

An opportunity to advance digital training in Spain

In the nine months since the launch of the joint initiative of Microsoft, LinkedIn and Github in Spain, more than 730,000 people in our country have accessed free content, resources and solutions to improve their digital training.

In Spain, Microsoft is developing digital training programs with entities such as Fundacin Generation and Fundacin Esplai, with which it has worked for more than 20 years, to train and certify young people in vulnerable situations, improving their chances of entering the work market. Joint work with the two organizations has helped around 10,000 young people since the initiative was announced.

To maximize the impact of the program, Microsoft has also entered into agreements and is working on collaborative projects with entities such as the ONCE Foundation, the State Foundation for Employment Training (Fundae) or the School of industrial organizations (EOI), as well as with city councils, autonomous communities and ministries of economic affairs and digital transformation, labor and social economy, and education and vocational training .

“We must promote models of public-private collaboration that allow us to move forward in reducing the digital skills gap that exists in Spain. The low levels of digital training weigh on our competitiveness and the growth capacity of the Spanish economy. Microsoft’s commitment in Spain is to provide free access to quality technical training to promote digital employment, ”said Pilar Lpez, President of Microsoft Spain.

Ángel Sanz de Cenzano, Managing Director of LinkedIn Spain and Portugal, affirms that: “COVID-19 has led to an exponential increase in the challenges that we have already identified and which have to do with digital training. Now to an even bigger challenge at looking for work. To help them, we at LinkedIn have been working since the start of the pandemic so that our members can continue to find opportunities for their careers and business development. In this way, we continue to promote acquisition fundamental skills to be more competitive in the labor market I encourage companies to value the skills of candidates as well as their diplomas or previous experience There is a need to ensure economic and workforce recovery. “

Today’s announcement is an extension of the global training initiative that Microsoft and LinkedIn shared nine months ago that includes access to data through LinkedIn EconomicGraph, the free training content offering at LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Learn and GitHub LearningLab, and job search tools from Microsoft Certifications and LinkedIn. All of these resources are available on #Digital Skills.

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