Microsoft and Niantic show us Pokémon through some Hololens

The first Ignite lecture, the first, mentioned Satya Nadella and Alex Kipman. However, we weren’t sure for sure what they wanted to show us and if we tell you it has to do with Pokémon and Niantic, the story is even more incredible.

Microsoft shows how it would be Pokémon Go through some Hololens

The reality is that Alex Kipman always surprises when he has to give a presentation and this time he was no exception. Being able to see Pokémon go through Hololens continues to surprise and shows an excellent collaboration between Niantic and Microsoft.

The objective of this technical demonstration was to immerse us in a fusion between augmented reality and the real world. Microsoft Mesh is key in all of this and is looking for us to be able to organize meetings or different events between virtual reality and augmented reality devices via avatars.

We’re excited to collaborate with @microsoft and @hololens on new experiences that will weave the digital and physical world together. Learn about this proof-of-concept demonstration, built on our planetary platform, and the incredible possibilities that could await you.

– Niantic, Inc. (@NianticLabs) March 2, 2021

So much so that Alex Kipman showed different Microsoft Mesh scenarios. With concerts, presentations with a giant aquarium and much more. An aperitif of everything we have seen with Mesh. Some of that work is what we told you about Niantic Labs with Hololens.

It looks like Microsoft may opt for a less commercial profile for augmented reality and virtual reality in the future. Mesh appears to us as an evolution of AltSpace and we hope that this work, developed under Azure, will grow and reach great relevance.

It is still a shy bet that exists with virtual reality. Large companies in the industry have barely managed to attract a small percentage of users to virtual or augmented reality solutions. We will see if this bet from the Redmond giant is enough for these technologies to start to gain relevance in the years to come.

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