Microsoft Authenticator can now manage our passwords on iOS

This morning we received a suspicious notification on iOS but, far from being a bad thing, it is a good thing. Microsoft Authenticator is evolving, although its icon has not yet. This app can be our new iOS password manager at the expense of iCloud.

Microsoft Authenticator can now replace iCloud

Since the end of Windows 10 Mobile, users have dispersed to other alternatives such as iOS or Android. And the reality is that iOS has always been very closed and Microsoft’s services were inaccessible.

Now with iOS 14 it looks like we have more options, in which they are limited. We can change the default browser and Outlook email app. Now it’s the turn to change iOS password manager from iCloud to Authenticator.

With the new Authenticator update for iOS 14, we have a new section called Passwords. From there we will see the passwords saved in our Outlook account and we can manage them.

Moreover, the app itself teaches us how to change the password manager in iOS. Initially, all users of an iOS device use iCloud. Now we can easily change it to the one that interests us the most.

How to change the password manager in iOS

To replace iCloud with Authenticator, we need to go to settings, go to Autofill Passwords and Passwords. There we will just have to select Authenticator. This way we will have all the passwords on our PC on our iPhone.

We love to see these must-have advancements on iOS. Most iOS users have a Windows device, and they can probably sync their passwords better this way.

Of course, this feature is in beta and may not be without errors. The tests we performed are working fine, but we’ll see in the next few days how Microsoft Authenticator works as a password manager on iOS.

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