Microsoft cancels Windows 10X to focus on Windows 10 Sun Valley

The idea for Windows 10X first came with the Surface Neo. It was a lighter operating system and designed for dual screen devices like the Surface Neo or the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold. However, last year Microsoft announced a change of plans and focused Windows 10X development on laptops by postponing the large Surface Neo. Today, Microsoft would have stopped the development of this operating system to boost Sun Valley.

Windows 10X will have to wait, updating Windows 10 Sun Valley is the priority

Knowing that this year they were playing a lot with Sun Valley, the silence regarding Windows 10X was surprising. In theory, he was set to be released in December with the famous leaked version. Now we know from Brad Sams that Windows 10X won’t be available this year and probably never will be. The Redmond giant has decided to devote all its resources to Windows 10.

The story began 10 years ago, when Microsoft wanted to modernize Windows in a series of failed attempts. We’ve seen Windows RT, Windows 10S, and now Windows 10X. The reality is that with over 1.3 billion Windows 10 devices, it seems like there is no need to create a lite version of the system.

The reality is that Microsoft wants to lighten up Windows 10 and modernize it in order to compete with Chromebooks. But maybe the way to compete is to improve Windows 10 instead of offering a poor, decaffeinated version of Windows 10. Microsoft took a long time, two years, to decide to leave Windows 10X behind and focus on Sun Valley, the big update of its operating system.

Now Microsoft must build on what it has learned with Windows 10X

The reality is that ChromeOS is starting to be a problem for Microsoft. Its quota continues to grow and in some formats, it is very comfortable. In addition, we have the Apple iPad which wants to compete with Windows 10 every day and get a part of the quota. Fortunately, we are seeing changes in Windows 10 that have emerged from the outdated operating system.

The Redmond giant should take advantage of the work of Windows 10X and improve the interface, especially in the touch zone, offer containers and other elements with a much more attractive style. Workforce must be harnessed to make Sun Valley a gigantic old school upgrade and demonstrate its commitment to Windows 10. ChromeOS is lightweight and iPadOS has a simple but consistent touch interface, Microsoft should offer that with Windows 10 Sun Valley.

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