Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare now available

Five months ago, during Build 2020, Microsoft announced its first vertical cloud, Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare or Healthcare. Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare makes it faster and easier to deliver more efficient care and support to customers. Strengthen end-to-end health data security, compliance and interoperability. These are of great importance in healthcare environments that are pivoting towards electronic medicine in a data protection compatible manner.

Strengths of Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

Organizations’ use of Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare can extend the value of Dynamics 365 Marketing, Dynamics 365 Customer Service, and Azure IoT to implement:

Easier patient experience for the consumer Connected physician and referral management Improved patient engagement portals Smart patient awareness portals Continuous patient monitoring via IoT

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare extends the value of existing Microsoft cloud services. Including team virtual tours, which already makes it easier for teams to collaborate, communicate, service and generate information. This helps improve patient outcomes and workflow efficiency.

Healthcare establishments benefit from the creation of virtual agents. As well as the automation of workflows, data analysis and information exchange in real time. The new integration between Microsoft Teams and Power Apps allows them to share information in a timely manner.

The future of the highly secure cloud data agility and interoperability tools healthcare organizations need. This allows you to organize your health data in the cloud around FHIR. Integration into Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare. Microsoft has the highest levels of commitment to trust, security, and compliance with industry compliance standards / certifications.

The value of Microsoft … and its healthcare partners

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare also enables healthcare systems to take advantage of its strong ecosystem of healthcare partners. These can provide solutions that complement and extend the core capabilities of the cloud.
This cloud is based on many years of development and experience in the health field.

In 2017, Microsoft announced several healthcare initiatives and solutions. Help healthcare partners and organizations use smart technology to improve the lives of people around the world. Microsoft’s Healthcare NExT initiative has integrated research and development of healthcare technology products. Also establish a new model at Microsoft for strategic partnerships in the health sector. In 2018, Microsoft announced a series of artificial intelligence solutions, projects and accelerators.

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