Microsoft CloudPC, discover the new service they are preparing

In July 2020, we reported that Microsoft was working on a new service called Microsoft CloudPC. This was a Windows Virtual Desktop based service and would create the Desktop as a Service. Basically, CloudPC gives enterprise customers a modern, resilient, cloud-based Windows experience.

Enable organizations to keep up to date in a simpler and more scalable way. End users could access their applications and work programs online, from any device.

Microsoft CloudPC, raw power for when we need it

We already knew that if Microsoft wanted to bring games to the cloud, it was only a matter of time to bring PCs to the cloud. Today, several details about this new service were leaked via WalkingCat.

Project Deschutes, the name of the service code

The Microsoft CloudPC service is available online at The web is working, but we still can’t configure anything.

Once CloudPC setup is complete, users can also access their cloud desktop using the Microsoft Remote Desktop app available on Windows 10, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.

The service appears ready for imminent deployment. For now, Microsoft will offer CloudPC in the following three configurations:

Lite: 2 vCPUs 4 GB of 96 GB SSD RAM (general purpose optimized for cost and flexibility) Standard: 2 v processors 8 GB of 96 GB SSD RAM (advanced computing needs optimized for performance and speed) Advanced: 8 GB RAM, 3 vCPUs, 40 GB SSD (accelerated graphics optimized for scability and data processing capabilities)

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