Microsoft CO founder Bill Gates says relationship with Jeffrey Epstein was life’s biggest mistake

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Bill Gates made a big reveal in the interview, told Jeffrey Epstein’s relationship that Epstein’s friendship with many celebrities was a mistake
Bill Gates said in an interview that it was a “huge mistake” to have a relationship with disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein. Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide while on trial for sex trafficking of minors. This interview with co-founder and former Microsoft chief Bill Gates comes after a conversation with CNN on Wednesday night.

Bill Melinda French Gates divorced, find out what happened to the division of property

Melinda was overwhelmed by her friendship with Epstein
Recently, Bill Gates made the headlines for the announcement of his divorce. He divorced his ex-wife Melinda two days ago. Melinda Gates reportedly worried about a decade ago that her husband was spending time with Epstein. Speaking to Anderson Cooper during the interview, Gates said it was a big mistake to spend time with him.

The relationship was for a charity fund
Bill Gates clarified that he only met Epstein to raise money that he and his wife could use for charitable purposes. He said I had had dinner with Epstein several times, in hopes he could help me with global health. However, when I realized he was lying, the relationship with him ended.

Bill Gates is saddened by the divorce
Epstein was a multi-million dollar fund manager who befriended many celebrities, including former President Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew of Britain. Epstein, 66, died in 2019. Bill Gates and his wife founded their charity two decades ago to fight poverty and disease around the world. The couple announced their divorce on May 3, after 27 years of marriage. During the interview, Bill Gates called the end of this relationship sad.

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