Microsoft confirms existence of Windows 11 by continuing to leak

We have been talking about Windows 11 for several weeks, which will be presented on the 24th of this month. Its existence is an open secret among users of the Windows community, but the reality is that Microsoft still hadn’t said anything about it … until now.

Nth confirmation of the existence of Windows 11

As many of you know, 5 days ago a version of Windows 11 (specifically, 21996.1) was leaked. Most of the trade blogs we’ve started to analyze it and there isn’t a day we don’t uncover a new secret. As expected, it appears Microsoft was not amused by this event and made a claim based on the Digital Age Copyright Act (DMCA).

Microsoft Japan has been tasked with taking legal action against websites that released the ISO of the new operating system. The funny thing is, through this claim, Microsoft has inevitably confirmed the existence of Windows 11.

Source: Lumen

Microsoft’s claim against Google for an article published by (website hosted in India) reads as follows:

The article distributes a Windows 11 ISO (copyrighted by Microsoft). Please remove the article from the search. This is a leaked copy of Windows 11.

We would like not to have to do an article like this, confirming what (almost) everyone already knows. However, we believe it is necessary given the shameful and surprising number of conspirators and deniers we have seen in our comments and on social media.

Many have used arguments such as: “This is all a Microsoft trolling”, “Microsoft said Windows 10 would be the last Windows, so Windows 11 does not exist” or “This leak is not from Microsoft and could be a user-created modification.

Some people are not used to having reality in front of their eyes, not once, not twice, not three times. Hopefully the fourth time is the charm and this information will definitely convince you of the existence of the next version of the OS from Microsoft.

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