Microsoft could acquire Discord in April

This week it became known that the popular instant messaging and voicemail service, Discord, may be looking for a buyer. After the latest rounds of funding, its price was deemed to be over $ 7 billion. Apparently, the good relationship between the two companies led Discord to speak to Microsoft in the first place and they are said to be in advanced negotiations already.

Discord and Microsoft in advanced conversations

The one in charge of revealing the state of progress of the negotiations was the Wall Street Journal, which indicates that the Redmond giant is working to ensure that this operation is closed in April. The news outlet itself has indicated that the negotiations between the companies are exclusive and, if all goes well, they will be closed next month.

Microsoft’s focus on the gaming world has grown significantly over the past year with the acquisition of ZeniMax Media, Bethesda’s parent company. But that’s not all, last year Microsoft attempted to acquire TikTok and flirted with Pinterest to acquire this social network as well.

If a deal is struck, it will be Microsoft’s biggest acquisition since 2016, when they acquired LinkedIn. He has since made “minor” acquisitions such as GitHub and ZeniMax Media.

Despite the fact that Discord has seen an incredible increase over the past year, it’s still not profitable. This is why they considered that another company had acquired the service to propel them. The other existing option occurs because Discord goes public, although according to trade media it would be too soon.

Discord has hired its first CFO, Tomasz Marcinkowski, who is expected to help the company through this uncertain process. Microsoft could seal a major acquisition and provide its players with an excellent communication platform that could be the key to the commitment to Cloud Gaming.

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