Microsoft Defender is one of the best antivirus for AV-Test

Although it’s been with us for a long time, Microsoft’s antivirus hasn’t always enjoyed current recognition. Something that is no doubt due to the great job the Redmond company is doing to make it the best Windows 10 alternative.

An antivirus that keeps getting better

If before the first thing we did when buying a PC was to install a good antivirus, Microsoft’s solution today works like a charm, being perhaps one of the best options. And is that, within the Windows security application, we find integrated, in addition to the protection against viruses and threats, a firewall, application and browser control as well as performance and device status.

Microsoft Defender is one of the best options

So, the good work of Microsoft Defender has made the Microsoft application recognized, once again, as one of the best options to protect our PC in the AV-Test report. A Microsoft Defender which, as users have seen, not only protects our computer from threats, but also does so without affecting system performance. Something that is almost as important as providing the right level of protection.

In this way, Microsoft Defender 4.18 has again positioned itself in the AV-Test report, for the second year in a row, as one of the best antiviruses today. Achieve, along with seven other solutions, a score of 6/6 in the three sections assessed in the report, in which protection, usability and performance are determined.

Hopefully the Redmond company continues to take care of its operating system as before, paying special attention to its antivirus. An antivirus which is characterized by the security of our computers while going practically unnoticed. What do you think of this news? What antivirus do you use on your computers?

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